The Sutra of the Sublime Golden Light, 4.84

May poor beings obtain a treasure of jewels,
Have a treasury that increases and never
And may all beings attain sublime, supreme
And never experience suffering.

~ The Sutra of the Sublime Golden Light, 4.84

(Posted by translate84000, Instagram, 25 February 2024)

The Sutra of the Sublime Golden Light has held great importance in Buddhism for its instructions on the purification of karma and its influence on the well-being of populations. Most of the following chapters are concerned with encouraging the recitation of a prayer outlined in the fourth chapter, and of the sutra itself, and describe how various divine beings revere this sutra and promise to protect it and its adherents.

We think even reciting this single verse helps to set us up for a day of generosity, compassion, and mindfulness.

(Posted by translate 84000, Instagram, 25 February 2024)

  • February 25, 2024