What should our fundamental attitude be ~ Dudjom Rinpoche

When we have taken refuge in the Three Jewels, what should our fundamental attitude be? We should understand that the whole of space is pervaded by living beings; there is not one of them that has not been, at one time or another, our father or our mother. We should recognize that they have been our parents and feel gratitude toward them for the love and kindness they have shown us. We should also realize that all these beings, once our mothers, are sinking in the ocean of the sufferings of samsara. We should cultivate the attitude of bodhicitta, taking the decision to practice the supreme Dharma for their sake. Bodhicitta is thus the fundamental preparation and basis of our practice of the path.

~ Dudjom Rinpoche – Counsels From My Heart

(Posted by Friends who like DJKR, a living Buddha In Our Time, Facebook, 22 February 2024)

  • February 22, 2024