What is Samaya?

“Many people misunderstand Samaya and think it refers only to seeing the teacher as a Buddha, a fully awakened being. That is part of Samaya, but it misses the key point. Samaya is about seeing everyone and everything through the lens of pure perception. The sole purpose of viewing the teacher as a Buddha is so we can see these same awakened qualities in ourselves, in others, and in the world around us. It is a tool that helps us to gain confidence in the purity of our true nature”.

~ Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

[*Relying on the fully Enlightened beings, Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, (The Three Jewels of Refuge), the pure upholders of the lineage(s), the teachers of the lineage(s)].

What Is Samaya?

Samaya (Skt.; Tib. […] damtsik) – the vajrayana commitments taken when receiving empowerment.

There are several ways of explaining the literal meaning of damtsik. To make this very simple, dam means sublime, and tsik is a statement.

Thus samaya is a statement that is true, genuine, pure, real. To apply oneself in a way that is in harmony with how the truth is, is called keeping the samayas. When the samayas are described in detail, there are hundreds of thousands that can be listed, but all of them can be condensed in this way.

The foremost samaya is when you compose yourself in a state in which you in actuality experience the fact that all sights, sound and awareness are visible emptiness, audible emptiness and aware emptiness. To have that certainty is called keeping all the hundreds of thousands of samayas.

Khenpo Ngakchung writes:

“In the Mantrayana, you should make promises not to transgress the twenty-five yogas, the common outer and inner vows of the outer and inner five buddha families, the fourteen root downfalls, and the eight lesser downfalls; and, in the Great Perfection, the twenty-seven root samayas, the twenty-five branch samayas, and the four samayas of nonexistence, omnipresence, unity, and spontaneous presence”. 

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  • April 3, 2024