Liberation ~ Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Dedicating your life to achieving lamrim realisation, with the goal of liberating numberless beings from the oceans of samsaric suffering and bringing them to enlightenment is what I regard as the most important thing in the world.

~ Lama Zopa Rinpoche

(Posted by Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive, Facebook, 15 April 2023)

A desperate request for the quick return of Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche ~ Yogini Khadro Tserigma

Lama you know! Lama you know!
I beg you to listen to me gentle root Lama!
I appeal to you with a sudden desperate request.
Do not deprive us of your compassionate refuge.
Lama you are the blessings of the Buddhas of the Buddhas of the three times.
Even though you are now in the great pervasive bliss
Of the unobstructed sphere of clear light
it is now that we need your great compassion:
quickly emanate the supreme body of the transcendental wisdom emanation from the various
emanations of the dance of the great compassion of the supreme mind.
Arise! Rise! Return from the sphere of the Dharmakaya!
I invoke you! I invoke you! I invoke You for the sake of beings
do not remain in the pure land of dakini and other pure lands
please return at once to make the scriptural and realisation teachings flourish for the sentient beings of the world to the south
Come back right away because the desperate beings are kind and are desperately calling you.
They want to see you, they want to be blessed in body, speech and mind.
We are the sentient beings hallucinated and confused by the conception of ignorance: in the sphere of the luminous emptiness of the three supreme bodies we confess the samayas that we have degenerated
Let there be the auspiciousness of emptiness and compassion, the supreme auspiciousness of all auspiciousness!
Let there be the auspiciousness of the quick meeting of the disciple and the lama.
By the power of the truth of unchanging reality may the perfect reincarnation quickly appear.
I, the dakini with pure faith, in sorrow and weeping in despair due to the blessings of the three roots, may the wishes of this beggar be fulfilled.
Object, subject and action in the sphere of the reality of luminosity and bliss. A!

On this special day of the Dakini, in a state of distress, these prayers came to Yogini Khadro Tserigma.


Quickly translated by Lotsawa Fabrizio Pallotti to be able to be recited on the auspicious day.
Provisional version to be corrected. (Posted by Khandro Kunga Bhuma, Facebook, 15 April 2023)

Heart advice

Khadro-la insisted that we should take this opportunity to try to achieve all or some of the lamrim in our own practice. Meditating and praying to the guru to receive his blessings and guidance is very important. And to try as much as possible to complete Rinpoche’s projects and holy wishes, so already to generate that wish that we’ll be able to do that.

Please pray and dedicate for Rinpoche to be reborn as quickly as possible in a place where he can be very quickly recognized and be of most benefit to sentient beings.

Please keep trying to fulfil Rinpoche’s holy wishes, especially to practice impermanence and bodhicitta in the context of the lamrim. Fulfilling the gurus’ holy wishes is a very important part of inviting the guru to return.

As you know, Rinpoche was the embodiment of bodhicitta, and always stressed the importance of remembering impermanence, and the essential need to put the teachings into practice.

This is what we can do for our precious guru now – please try to follow Rinpoche’s heart advice. We can all connect with the guru and receive the guru’s blessings in this way – NOW is a very important.

(Posted by Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Facebook, 13 April 2023)

Fulfilling the wishes of our lamas

Khadrola Said to Help Strengthen the Bond with Our Lamas it was Beneficial to Recite Shantideva’s Bodhisattvacarayavatara 🙏, a Profound Text that Outlines the Path of the Bodhisattva. By reciting this Precious text it helps The Students to Realize Renunciation, Bodhicitta, and Emptiness, Fulfilling the Wishes of our Lamas.

(Posted by Panchen Losang Chogyen Vienna, Facebook, 14 April 2023)

  • April 15, 2023