Conventional Truth and Ultimate Truth

“The conventional truth is the method,
The ultimate truth is produced by the method.
Those who fail to know the distinction between the two
will enter wrong paths through false conceptualization.

~ Chandrakirti

The meaning of these verses is that we must first cultivate a correct understanding of conventional truth which encompasses all phenomena whatever they may be. We need to develop a complete knowledge of the qualities of all the dharmas whatever they may be. This is the method.

Then, when we will be introduced to the absence of inherent existence, to the emptiness of real nature of the dharmas, conventional phenomena will appear as illusions, dreams and we will generate a certitude about this.”

~ Gosok Rinpoche on Teaching on The Three Principal Aspects of the Path

(Posted by mindmichael, Instagram, 20 February 2024)

  • February 21, 2024